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Nedcross Investment Limited .

Nedcross Investment Limited is a leading supplier of all kinds of products to Oil Exploration & Production Companies, Shipping, Offshore and other diverse industries, in both domestic and international sectors. It is known for its envious reputation of providing superior quality products and exceptional services at best rates. We are a limited liability company, incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to the client's requirements and our services are global

Our Vision

We aim at promoting and facilitating understanding between purchasers and suppliers in the marine, offshore, oil and gas business. To enhance timely delivery of goods and services to customers and clients to their highest level of satisfaction to ensure they meet their business / operational needs


Nedcross Investment Limited values its role in marine and offshore technology with emphasis on marine field support, marine technical operations, logistics, vessel technical management and support..


Nedcross Investment Limited offers services /consultation for special projects from an early stage throughout the operation and including decommissioning. We also aspire to be a leading international, independent oil and gas investor and manager with superior technical knowledge and cost effective implementation.


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